Joshua Bruno

Teacher of Chemistry

Joshua believes that art should evoke feeling or even better, thinking. This is the ethos of his art. Sometimes it can manifest in overt juxtapositions seen in his subject matter and at other times as a subtle subversion of the norm. Joshua has been a full-time Teacher of Chemistry since 2012, and since 2017 he has taught in the UK's largest school exclusively for deaf children. He will shortly complete an additional university diploma to become a qualified 'Teacher of the Deaf'.

Joshua as an artist is completely self-taught, achieving only a C at GCSE and having no further training. Despite this, his talent is undeniable.

Joshua Bruno - Teacher of Chemistry, experimenting in his outdoor laboratory

Joshua Bruno - Teacher of Chemistry

Joshua Bruno - Boba Fett, acrylic and ink on canvas

Boba Fett - pen and ink on canvas

Joshua draws his influence from a plethora of subject matters; including nature, modern culture, comics, literature, video games and music. The wide-ranging influences mean that Joshua's artwork varies in both content and style.

Joshua does not produce artwork to be crowd-pleasing but rather to create things that he is passionate about or believes will make people think. An example of this was when Joshua won the inaugural Peerfest Community Engagement award, 2019.

  • Joshua Bruno - Spaceman, pen and ink, pillow print

    Spaceman - pen and ink, pillow print

  • Joshua Bruno - Lion, acrylic and ink on canvas

    Lion - acrylic and ink on canvas

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