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Carbon Art

In a world of increased division, tension and anxiety our entire species is on a very steep learning curve regarding our misuse and abuse of both ourselves and the eco systems that support us.
Evermore Addicted to our own narcissistic, arrogant and indolent ways we have no one to blame but ourselves.
Not our neighbours, brothers, sisters, political parties, leaders and others.... Ourselves.
With our separation from a natural and spiritual environment increasing with every new upgrade. We are successfully unlearning the fundamentals needed to survive our own climate Now... Let alone in the future.

Portrait of Adi Vesley-Shore in his craft workshop - black and white

Adi Vesley-Shore in his craft workshop


Dust to Dust - wood, carbon-polymer, charcoal

The planet is in no danger of ending any time soon... We Are.
As we shun our god's, belief systems, history, culture and ridicule our own progress, we tear down the walls that we carefully built; In doing so, only leaving ourselves more physically, mentally and spiritually vulnerable and divided, than ever before.
Yet we all desperately search for a meaningful connection... To anything, anyone...
Disregarding all the fear mongering, alarmism and divisory propaganda - We have all the time in the world to educate ourselves, and actively practice a more harmonious and connected existence... With each other and the planet which sustains us.
We are are own greatest threat and our writing is on the wall.
If and for how long we can survive ourselves, is anyone's guess.

Carbon Art  . . . cont'd . . .

I use Charcoal and Carbon to explore and express these concerns and the impact they have on ourselves and our environment. They also express a fundamental commonality and connection between ourselves and Mother Nature.
The Sculptural and Artistic process itself is reliant on both direct involvement and discourse with nature to obtain the raw materials which I produce in totality. It also involves close human collaboration, communication and a certain amount of trust to create the human forms.
Carbon is ubiquitous - Fundamentally, two Carbon sugars are shared by every single known life form. It is the king of elements that binds every single living things DNA together.
And yet we..
We think we're somehow different, separate.
When we've dissolved all of our made up God's and religions, degenerated our fantasies, dreams, and discounted all of our rights for wrong.
When we have burnt everything and everyone to ashes, Carbon will remain.
It binds every single one of us together and binds us to our mother nature.
It is essential, elemental, fundamental and undeniable.

Forléosan by Adi Vesely-Shore. 76 x 40 cm carbon polymer, charcoal

Forléosan -  carbon polymer, charcoal, 76 x 40 cm

Adi Vesely-Shore - Black Waters V-carbonpolymer - 34x20 - triptych

Black Waters V - carbon polymer, 34 x 20 cm, triptych

Adi Vesely-Shore - Black Waters IV. Carbondust refined gesso, 32x16

Black Waters IV - carbon dust, refined gesso, 32 x 16 cm

Other Works

Breaking Circles. oil paint, pencil, ink, 32

Breaking Circles - oil paint, pencil, ink, 32" x 20"

Adi Vesely-Shore - Jury of Our Fears. oil paint, 27

Jury of Our Fears - oil paint, 27" x 15"

Adi Vesely-Shore - State. oil-paint, 28

State - oil paint, 28" x 16"

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