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Adi Vesley-Shore

Carbon Art

In a world of increased division, tension and anxiety our entire species is on a very steep learning curve regarding our misuse and abuse of both ourselves and the eco systems that support us . . . .
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Portrait of Adi Vesley-Shore in black and white
Alice Sims portrait outdoors holding selected paintings for sale with Lord and Lion Arts

Alice Sims

Alice’s art is mainly based on wildlife conservation and the environment. This has been influenced by her upbringing in the Welsh countryside and education in ecology.
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Ben Martin

"I make paintings because there is nothing else I want to do, to pull the warped hopes dreams and nightmares from the brain and manifest them in thick applications of acrylic and emulsion brings me comfort and I love nothing more."
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Portrait of artist Ben Martin with an original piece of graffiti style art
Portrait of artists Douglas Karson in his home studio

Douglas Karson

Douglas Karson is an internationally recognized American born artist who is currently based in Bristol. He is known for his work exploring yogic themes, ink-based minimalist pieces and use of colour.
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Emily C Woodard

Emily Carew Woodard is a London-based artist, born and raised in the Cornish countryside. Both her rural upbringing and current urban life inspire Emily's practice. Inspiration is drawn from romance and deep, rich histories from bygone times are woven into the fabrics of her paintings.
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Portrait of artist Emily C Woodard sat in her studio whilst working on one of her recent creations
Portrait of artist Joshua Bruno

Joshua Bruno

Art should invoke feeling or even better, thinking.
You can see this ethos in much of Joshua's art. Sometimes as overt juxtapositions in his subject matter and at other times as a subtle subversion of the norm.
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Nitael started drawing from an early age, usually manga and cartoon characters or his favourite band's logos. With regular trips to Lisbon he was immersed into the huge colourful graffiti that covered the city and inspired his designs and painting . . .
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Portrait of artist Nitael with various new works in his studio
Portrait of Canadian born artist Shannon Rakochy beside one of her new paintings

Shannon Rakochy

My work often incorporates the photographic image/collage with paint. My intent when I work is to be on ‘auto-pilot’, tapping into my subconscious rather than being too deliberate. Often the result has been simple imagery with dream-like narratives.
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Tom Miller

Tom Miller is a Bristol-based artist, having moved to the city to chase his dream of making a living from his paintings. Miller's work primarily consists of mixed media paintings and murals, constantly interchanging between materials.
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Tom Miller portrait of the artists jumping/flying
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