• Adi Vesely-Shore - Symbioun Stone Sculpture. Materials used - Carbon Charcoal. Artwork is for sale.
  • New original artwork by Nitael for 2020
  • Artwork by Shannon Rakochy - It Just Sort of Happened. Acrylic and collage. This artwork is for sale.
  • Artwork by Alice-Sims - Pretty-Boys. Acrylic on canvas. 70 x 50 cm. This artwork is for sale.

Lord & Lion Arts is one of London's leading contemporary online art galleries representing prominent London, United Kingdom and international artists.

Original artwork by Shannon Rakochy

Shannon Rakochy - Woman in Forest, acrylic and collage on paper

Connecting Artists and Collectors

At Lord & Lion Arts we have a passion for introducing art collectors to up and coming talented artists.

In addition to our online gallery we also create pop-up galleries, solo exhibitions and group shows.

Mostly our exhibitions are held in London and Bristol, however our ever-growing community will occasionally take us to other parts of the UK and internationally.

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Nitael - The White Unicorn. Oil on canvas. 50 x 40 cm. This artwork is for sale.

Nitael - The White Unicorn, oil on canvas 50 x 40 cm

Featured Artists

The gallery’s program has an emphasis on process oriented artwork that challenges both the traditional use of materials and formal aesthetics. See featured artists

Tom Miller - Cyclady. 70x70 cm. Acrylic spray paint and ink on canvas. This artwork is for sale.

Tom Miller - Cyclady

Ben Martin - For Sale. Posca Acrylic Mountboard 94 x 72 cm.This artwork is for sale.

Ben Martin - For Sale

Emily C Woodard - The Little Entertainer. Oil painting on wood panel. This artwork is for sale.

Emily C Woodard - The Little Entertainer

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